New Business Card Callcard discovered

A bit of old news but only getting around to it now.
On the back of an interview I did in November 2016 for KFM in Kildare, we received many lovely comments. Some included former employees of Telecom Eireann and people who collected cards in the past.
On the week of Christmas 2016, I received a lovely letter from from Ronald J. Bolger, a former chairperson of Telecom Eireann. In the envelope included a copy of his business card callcard that I didn't even realise existed. I remember from consultation with Callcard experts in the past that the name hadn't popped up before, so I can assume that it's pretty rare. Would be interested to know if anyone has come across it before.
The Callcard has been added to the Callcard Gallery here (members only section but free to register)
### UPDATE: 22/08/2017 ### - Got a lovely message from Mr. David Fox (previous Telecom Eireann/Eircom IT Director) in resonse to the article, who kindly donated a business card Callcard. You can see it here (members only section)