I wanna feature on a Callcard!


I'm sure like many, you've once wondered what it would have been like to feature or advertise your business on a Callcard?

Recently on Callcards.ie, we came across a booklet that was distributed with select number of the Telecom Eireann Blank Promotion Callcard (1230) in 1999.

We've pulled a few Facts & Figures from the booklet, which make for interesting reading:

  • As of 1999, over 7 million Callcards sold every year
  • 7,000 Callcard selling agents nationwise
  • 62% of Callcards are purchased by ages 16 - 34
  • cost of 12,000 IR£ for 200,000 10 Unit advertising Callcards (or 150,000 20 Unit Callcards)
  • Cost of 5,000 IR£ for 1,000 10 Unit private Callcards

See for yourself here at advertising_callcards.pdf