Why didn't anybody warn me :-0


The biggest nightmare so far has to be (something you would expect to be the easiest thing ) scanning in the cards. I kid you not when I say this but... its taken almost 4 days to scan in the cards (and bits and pieces such as presentation folders/leaflets that some cards come in), and to make things worse, I've yet to touch up and separate all the images.

On the way though, a lot of cards needed a bit of cleaning and dusting (something which I must share with you in a future blog, I think I've perfected the art of cleaning Callcards!). Even the pain of deciding on scanned resolutions, sizes and not to forget (which is still ongoing!) touching up the scanned images. Then again, as a certain Irish railway's slogan would happen to go,... "We're getting there"!

Putting that aside though, everything is coming together and the site is shaping up very well so looking forward to seeing what you all think...