callcard value?

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callcard value?

I just wanted to throw it out there if anyone is still interested in buying/selling callcards. i would be interested in filling up missing gaps in my collection whilst selling/ swapping excess ones? Its such a pity call card collectors have gone into hibernation. I was glad to come see this website. keep up the good work

Re: Callcard Value

Hi @corklad, thanks for your comment!

From what I can see, collectors are gradually coming out of hibernation and starting to sell & swap again. I find the best places to look are the following...

Buying: -
eBay -
Delcampe -,-6,language,E.html

Colnect -

Anyone thats interested in trading/selling Callcards, let us know here, I'm sure there'll be a few people interested
I hope this is of some help


Hi there. Just saw your message. I may be able to help you out. What cards are you looking for and are you collecting Mint or Used or either?
We may be able to arrange a swap in some cases. My number is 085 1566120 and I live in Castlemartyr.
Take care
Tom Ahern

140 Telecom Eireann cards for sale only €20

For sale, 140 Telecom Eireann/Eircom cards with many duplicates - €20 & postage or 
collect them yourself. 
All are opened used cards presumably without any credit. They would probably suit someone starting off at collecting these. They were my Dad's collection. I am located near Cork city.Ph 0863614608 if interested.

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