We are Live!


It's been a while coming but we're delighted to announce that the site has finally gone live! Please make yourself at home, have a look around. If you haven't liked our Facebook Page yet, please do to keep updated on our updates and our upcoming competitions.
The "Callcards" tab is what we're most proud of. Here to see detailed information about the particular Callcards, its origins and other facts & figures. Secondly, our Blog area has interviews, interesting news and some off the wall experiments! 
We aim to have regular updates and improvements on the site, so check back regularly as the site evolves more.
Please keep your comments and suggestions coming via Facebook, Twitter or via email.
The callcards.ie team
PS: As you may know, we're a not for profit site. We do encourage you to give a small donation to Irish heart Charity Croi (www.croi.ie/donate-croi), Every donation makes a huge difference!